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Add a Festive Touch to Your Apartment Decor with This Halloween DIY Project

Halloween is right around the corner! Though this year’s festivities may look a little bit different due to the pandemic, you can (and should!) still enjoy the holiday any way you can. For example, you might host a virtual party on Zoom, or you might decorate your space with wares designed to get you in the spirit of October’s spookiest day. No matter how you decide to celebrate, you can make the holiday more enjoyable with this DIY Halloween Spiderweb Tablecloth. Check out the easy instructions below!


• Black tablecloth or fabric
• Bleach (regular, not gel or splash-proof, works best)
• Cotton swabs
• Rubber gloves
• Plastic sheeting to protect work surfaces
• Chalk or light-colored fabric marker
• 18-inch ruler (optional)
• A well-ventilated work area


1. Pre-wash and dry fabric or tablecloth.

2. Prepare a work surface by covering with plastic. Since the project requires the use of bleach, be sure to do this project in a very well-ventilated area.

3. Spread fabric on the plastic surface.

4. Draw spiderwebs on fabric using chalk or light-colored fabric marker, and a ruler if desired. Start in the middle of the fabric and draw 4 lines in a tire-spoke design. Repeat several times till you’ve covered your fabric as desired. Try to vary your spacing and size a bit. Connect each line in your spoke shape with curved lines to look like a spider web. Then connect each web to each other by extending a line from the tip of the spoke till it touches another web.

5. With gloved hands, soak a cotton swab in bleach and begin tracing over your spiderweb lines. It’s easiest to begin in the middle of the tablecloth and work out toward the edges. For best result, use a gentle hand with the bleach until you get a sense for the thickness of lines you like, keeping in mind the bleach will bleed and spread slightly. You’ll want to use new swabs as they become worn.

6. Once all lines are complete, let the tablecloth sit until you are happy with the lighting level. Don’t let it sit too long or the bleach could weaken the fibers.

7. Rinse tablecloth thoroughly in lukewarm water and then launder separately. Allow to dry and enjoy your new spooktastic tablecloth!

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