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Looking for Plans on Saturday Night? Check Out This Performance of My First Date

Love the theatrical arts? The Core Theatre strives to create quality theatrical productions that entertain, educate, and elevate society by instilling hope and understanding. We use primarily original scripts written for this purpose. On Saturday, August 31st, The Core Theatre invites you to see “My First Date!”

Set in 1941 on a warm, late autumn afternoon, a 19-year-old Anna Erhard sits on the front porch awaiting her date for the evening, a Mr. Caleb Keener, a sailor she has been writing to for almost a year now. Even though she grew up in Lake Mathis, the two were barely acquainted in high school, but they have reconnected to go on Ann’s first date ever.

Unfortunately, her date is already 45 minutes late and her rascally younger sister is already rubbing it in. The rest of the family is preparing for the arrival of the pastor and his wife for some dinner and discussions of the war in Europe and the souls being lost. Her father, who is prone to practical jokes, keeps making his appearance on the porch to do some harassing of his own. Anna is starting to wonder if her prince will come, and she is mortified at the possibility of being stood up.

What will the outcome be? Well, you have to see to find out! Tickets are $10-$25. For tickets, call (214) 930-5338 or visit www.outhousetickets.com.

At Vail Village Club Apartments in Dallas, Texas, we love mixing up on-site events with those happening in our greater area. Be sure to pencil this one into your busy schedule!

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, August 31, 2019—8:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
The Core Theatre
518 West Arapaho Road Suite 115
Richardson, Texas

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