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Hike, Bike, and More at These 3 Local Nature Preserves in Dallas

With the pandemic continuing to disrupt our daily lives, you may be wondering how best to enjoy all the excitement to be found in Dallas and the surrounding area. Though it’s true that you may not be able to visit your favorite music venues or sporting events, you can still enjoy the great outdoors – even in a city as large as Dallas! Here are 3 local nature preserves you should consider visiting before winter.

Cedar Ridge Preserve
7171 Mountain Creek Pkwy
Dallas, Texas 75249

Perhaps Dallas’s most famous nature preserve, Cedar Ridge Preserve is home to 600 acres of natural land and hill country habitats. For avid hikers, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking a beautiful, scenic walk, Cedar Ridge Preserve offers a nine-mile trail perfect for all skill levels. As a bonus, you’ll even get to sneak a peek of downtown city views in select areas!

Trinity River Audubon Center
6500 South Great Trinity Forest Way
Dallas, Texas 75217

For great scenery and a few more recreational opportunities than Cedar Ridge Preserve, Trinity River Audubon Center is the place to go. Here, you can take a kayak tour, explore one of several hiking and biking trails, and even bird-watch within their extensive bird sanctuary. Visit and you’ll soon learn why residents love Trinity River Audubon Center!

Oak Cliff Nature Preserve
2875 Pierce Street
Dallas, Texas 75233

Don’t forget your smartphone when visiting Oak Cliff Nature Preserve – there’s much to snap photos of at this beautiful preserve! Offering both scenic natural areas, quirky art installations (like an oversized spider in one corner of the woods), and plenty of natural wildflowers, this is one preserve that will surely make its way to your Instagram feed.

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