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Tips and Tricks to Make Your New Yoga Routine Stick

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Yoga is both a trendy and timeless way to stay trim and in-shape. Given yoga’s tendency to boost brain power, release endorphins, and reduce levels of inflammation in the body, it’s no wonder why the practice has skyrocketed in popularity. Yet, beginning a new yoga routine isn’t as easy as social media may make it look. You can easily get discouraged and stop practicing if aren’t careful. With that in mind, here are a few expert tips to help you begin a yoga practice that lasts.

Make your sessions short.

If you’re excited by the world of yoga, you might find it hard to restrain yourself from trying as many flows as you can. Yet, it’s better to start your new routine slowly, if you want to stay dedicated to your practice. Consistent, short yoga sessions are what you’re after. Complete short yoga sessions a few times a week, and you’ll build up your skills over time, later advancing to more challenging flows.

Start with easier yoga routines.

We all dream of completing challenging yoga poses. However, it takes plenty of time and practice to reach this level of proficiency, and if you want to ever get there, you’ll have to start small. Look for a flow that’s more forgiving on beginners, like Yoga Nidra, yin yoga, or vinyasa flow. You can also look into deep breathing or meditation exercises, which will complement your yoga practice.

Above all, don’t expect perfection.

Yoga instructors have a habit of looking effortless as they move through the most difficult of yoga poses. But, as we mentioned earlier, it takes time to cultivate mindfulness, improve your posture, and find an effective practice. So, while you may be tempted to compare your form to those of others, remember to be kind to yourself while you work on nailing a new routine, and less negative about any missteps.

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