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Just Say No to Buying These 5 Items at Costco or Any Other Bulk Retailer

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Costco is a magical place filled with bulk snacks and free samples. It’s also home to its own brand, deli selections, and more. You can find more practical items, like paper and cleaning products, electronic gadgets, and even clothing. With all that being said, it might actually surprise you to learn there are some items that you should never buy at Costco. Sometimes, they are actually more expensive, of lesser quality, or expire before you can use them. Not sure what to avoid? Check out our list below!


Laundry detergent has a shorter shelf life than you think. In fact, it typically loses some of its effectiveness after six months. If you don’t do an excessive amount of laundry, a jumbo-size container of detergent might expire before you can use it all. Instead, get a normal-sized container of your laundry detergent of choice from a non-bulk retailer, like Walmart.


At 38-cents per ounce, spices from Costco seem like an affordable option. Unless you’re planning on consuming more than a pound of garlic in six months, however, it’s actually a waste of money. According to experts, spices will begin to lose their potency around this time mark. So, it’s best to stick to smaller batches of spices from your local grocery store.


Plenty of other stores offer just as good a deal on diapers as Costco does – if not better. For example, you can find diapers for 20 percent off through Amazon Family, an offshoot of Amazon Prime that allows you to buy baby items in bulk. There are also great deals at grocery stores, pharmacies, and baby specialty stores on diapers – and they are of better quality, as well!

Toilet Paper

Less than 20 bucks for 30 rolls of toilet paper sounds like a good deal when you're full of cheese and cookie samples, but you’re sacrificing a ton of quality with the Costco brand. After testing a variety of toilet paper, we found that most bargain brands aren’t as soft or as strong, and in turn, they really aren’t worth your money. Stick to name-brands, like Charmin Ultra Soft, which can easily be found on Amazon.

Bulk Produce

Buying snacks and dried goods in bulk is a smart move! They won’t expire for a while, so it’ll save you money. Produce, on the other hand, is a much different story. Most fresh fruits and vegetables only last a few days before wilting or spoiling. If you have a big event to cater to, it’s one thing – but in the age of novel coronavirus, we should only be cooking to the people inside of our quarantine bubble!

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