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All You Need Is One Minute to Improve Your Health Exponentially

If you’re looking to improve your life in a significant way, then it’s important to evaluate where you stand with your health. The good news is that you only need 60 seconds to make a lasting impact on your health and wellness. This approach coincides with how many professionals tackle lifestyle changes, anyway. It’s best to start small and build your way up to more substantial change as time goes on. Time waits on no one, however, so it’s best to start today with the tips we’ve provided below.

Check your posture.

Make sure that you are sitting correctly when at a desk. Your knees should not be bent more than 90 degrees, and your back should be straight. If standing, be sure to keep your shoulders back and your spine straight. Practice perfecting your posture daily, and you’ll look more confident and reduce back pain.
Cut your salt intake.

Just about every delicious food has salt in it. But, did you know that too much salt in your diet can lead to high blood pressure and increase your odds of weight gain? Next time you eat a meal, don’t automatically sprinkle your dish with salt. Instead, choose herbs and spices, or look for a low-sodium seasoning option.
Take off the weight.

Do you often tote a purse, computer bag, or backpack to work? Though all essential to your daily routine, a heavy purse or bag can be bad for your back and shoulders when carried often. Lighten the load by removing any unnecessary items from your bag and replacing full-size items – like medications and hand lotion – with miniature or travel-size versions. 

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