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Attention Travelers, Here are Some International Money Tips

If you are planning to travel out of the country this summer, you will have to give some thought to your money. Obtaining foreign currency can cost you if you are not careful. Your best bet is to use your credit card as often as possible. The exchange rate you get on your bill will probably be the best rate around, much cheaper than using exchange booths in airports or in towns you are visiting. If you are unable to use your credit card, consider purchasing travelers checks ahead of time. You will then be able to exchange them in a foreign bank for a better rate than exchanging cash for foreign currency.

One thing to avoid is using an ATM machine to get a cash advance from your credit card. Although the exchange rate will be good, you will have to pay the cash advance fee for each transaction, and the interest on the withdrawal will begin accruing immediately. If you must use an ATM to get cash, get as little as possible to keep the cash advance fee, generally a percentage of your withdrawal, down to a minimum.

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