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Make the Most of Any First Aid Kit with These Resourceful Additions

Did you know that 44 percent of Americans do not have a first aid kit? This is an inexcusable number for the number of emergencies that happen around the country day-in and day-out. To turn the statistic on its ear, it might be time to create a first aid kit with plenty of medications, gauze, ointments, and more. Luckily, most of the necessities you need can be found at any local supermarket or pharmacy. Not sure where to start? Our list below will certainly come in handy, then!

A supply of vital medications.

If anyone in your household relies upon certain prescription or over-the-counter medications, now is the time to stock up on them and secure them in your first aid kit. While obtaining some may require a call to your physician, you may cane get samples from drug manufacturers, by either signing up on their websites or giving them a call. These samples are individually wrapped in single doses, making them perfect for a small first aid kit.

A variety of bandages, ointment, and gauze.

Hopefully, most injuries in your household are minor – like bumps, bruises, or simple sprains. But, there may come a time when you seriously injure yourself, in which case you’re going to want a decent supply of wound dressings on hand. Start by grabbing a variety of band-aids and a quality ointment. (Bonus points if it contains antibiotic properties!) Then, stock up on gauze. Should a worst-case scenario occur, you’ll want plenty of gauze within arm’s reach, so you can minimize bleeding and infection until you can see a healthcare professional.

A thermometer.

You probably already have a thermometer lying around your house somewhere. If so, go ahead and assign it a permanent place in your first aid kit. As a high body temperature is characteristic of many illnesses, these handy, medical tools are vital in monitoring your health and alerting your family about a serious health emergency within seconds. Consider picking up a box of thermometer covers, too – that way, you can use it for multiple members of your household at a moment’s notice.

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